Global Utility Construction is a utility construction company serving the area between Newcastle and Wollongong as well as Victoria, offering clients complete end-to-end design and construct. Their mission has always been and continues to be delivering unequaled service in the construction, utility and communications field while meeting client demands on time and on budget. Global Utility’s specialized crew have consistently provided clients with outstanding service, work quality, and peace of mind through every phase of construction. All projects are completed safely and professionally meeting each customer’s specific needs and requirements.

Specializing solely in the area of utility construction allows Global Utility Construction to address the many unique challenges which face the construction industry today and pride themselves on being able to get the job done without constant oversight and supervision. Thanks to many years of on the job experience, Luke and Aaron understand that hard work and determination are a large part of any successful project. Their experienced crew of utility and communications construction experts is fully prepared to face any complications which might arise.

At Global Utility the dedicated in-house staff of utility and communication construction designers is ready to put their knowledge and expertise to work for your company or organization. From beginning to end Global Utility Construction is well equipped to make certain your next project is done right.

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