In both cases, the gravitational pull of the smaller body creates a quadrupole mass distribution (a bulge) in the larger body. Since the larger body rotates faster than the smaller body orbits, the mass asymmetry drags the smaller body around, sort of like a ball being swung on a string. The increased angular momentum of the smaller body transfers it to a higher (larger radius) orbit, which corresponds to a longer orbital period.

cheap nfl jerseys According to the SEC’s complaint, Bar Works claimed to bring “real vibrancy to the flexible working scene by adding full service workspaces to former bar and restaurant premises in central city locations.” Bar Works primarily sold leases coupled with sub leases that together functioned like investment notes. The company also allegedly sold leases for more workspaces than actually existed in at least two locations. Among false claims made to investors, who invested more than $37 million in the Bar Works scheme, were that a location was profitable within months of opening and that Bar Works had engaged an auditor.. cheap nfl jerseys

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It is extremely doubtful that there would be significant punishment, let alone dismissal, for “breach of trust” or “accepting benefits.” The case would turn on accepting bribes, or fraud in connection with bribes. Is improved coverage on Walla! the kind of benefit that supports a charge of “bribery”? Politicians talk with reporters all the time to improve coverage. Lapid himself did it with Arnon Mozes, yet Lapid is not investigated, because everyone knows that the discussions are common practice.

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wholesale nfl jerseys New Jersey is crafting regulations governing those who arrange viatical settlements, following passage of a viatical settlement law.The state passed a law in September allowing the business of viatical settlements, but regulations have not been established for licensing individuals or companies engaged in the business, insurance department spokesman Bill Heine said.”We want to make sure there is some sort of registry and that there are consumer protections built into the regulations,” Heine said.In a viatical settlement, an insured person sells a life insurance policy for a lump sum that is less than the death benefit. The buyer collects when the insured person dies.Many life policies have an accelerated death benefit that pays a larger settlement amount than do viatical buyers, Heine said. For that reason, one proposal would forbid a viatical settlement if the policy has an acceleration provision, Heine said wholesale nfl jerseys.

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