When digital pens were first introduced in 2000 by the Swedish Anoto company, the company struggled to find buyers. The technology was clunky and the uses for the pen weren’t readily defined. Initially targeted at doctors and businessmen, the Anoto digital C pens would record notes and make paperwork more streamlined.

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The scanning function seems to be very sluggish, especially for the short list of malware afflicting OS X. Even the Smart Scan took nearly three hours to complete with zero detected threats. It took up between 4 10% of the processing power, and roughly 35 megabytes of RAM.

The invention was greeted with great excitement by most people, mainly because of Daguerre announcement that the process does not require expert knowledge, which means everyone has the ability to capture permanent images. That same year, as the Daguerrotype became a craze with people rushing to purchase the device, Sir John Herschel coined the term “photography” to refer to the process of producing permanent images by using light and chemicals. So, to answer the question of who discovered photography, we can clearly say it was Daguerre.

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Russia and US might exchange nuclear strikes, in fact. Both countries are vulnerable to them with US having to lose a lot more than Russia. China would probably join Russia as it will see a way to get on top of US and they allies to boot. Now start running some strips all the way to the back, I stop at the back because I want to be able to take off my covers when I don’t need to wear them. I put some vertical strips here and then fold them back so they don’t stick to the sock or shoe. I call this tabbing, in stagehand world, we call this a courtesy tab ie.

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