Campaign finance reform. No more pacs or super pacs, no more citizen united, no more corporate campaign donations. Everyone gets to personally donate to a cap of how ever many dollars, not a percentage of your income, a flat dollar rate. The Associative Law of Civil Discourse An attack on a group that individuals identify with is an attack on the individual. For example, “Republicans are liars”. Find a way to attack the content you disagree with, not the people espousing that content.Remember, we all here because we want to be.

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This creates a buffer zone between the outside air and the inside air with temperature diffusion being slowed by the silver foil. Floor insulation is a different matter and depends on whether you have chosen to have decking or not. Using decking you would need an underlayment of R 13 or higher polyfoam insulation (there are more green friendly alternatives from Agriboard)..

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