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August 15, 2022

Written by Mayne Media Group on behalf of WesTrac CAT

Like most construction small businesses, it’s been a busy decade and a half for Global Utility Construction directors Luke Maxwell, Aaron Wright and their team. Starting out as a small company building copper networks in new estates, the team has since grown to become a provider of turnkey construction services to all major telecommunication providers.

Global UC now has more in-house construction capability to rival any other construction company in Australia. Getting to this stage has been a combination of good management from Luke and Aaron, and a lot of hard work from their well-skilled team.
When chatting with Aaron about the journey so far, he shared, “In 2016 we decided to expand our company into electrical infrastructure. As an ASP contractor our team has delivered works within major project environments throughout Greater Sydney. With 15 years of underground utility construction experience, we know what is essential to a successful project and have structured the business to deliver the best outcome for our clients. At the heart of our company is a drive to exceed expectations at every opportunity and this drive and motivation is what pushes our team every day.”


Like most operators with vision and drive to step out on their own, Global Utility Construction started out with very humble beginnings. They purchased their first Caterpillar machine in 2017, a Cat® 303.5E that now has over 5000 hours and is still going strong. The main reason to move to Caterpillar at the time was ongoing fleet breakdowns from another brand, so the reliability the team has experienced with Caterpillar has been a highlight of the relationship so far. Since purchasing this machine they have acquired a further six Caterpillar machines ranging from excavators to track loaders.
“We started the business on the smell of an oily rag with no financial help from anyone, which is something both Luke and I are very proud of. We are fortunate to have so many wonderful clients in the communications space where we can deliver a broad range of services with an in-house team,” said Aaron.
Aaron continued, “As an ASP we seek opportunities within major transport projects and commercial builds requiring HV/LV substation works. We have spent the last three years on WestConnex delivering temporary power installations including CCTV, streetlighting and ITS works and are currently delivering HV/LV/comms installations for the new URBNSURF project.”


Luke and Aaron have enjoyed the relationship they built with the WesTrac team over this time and in particular the relationship with their Sydney Sales representative, Adam Bunnings. Aaron said, “Adam is an absolute champion to deal with; nothing is ever an issue and he continually goes out of his way to ensure the experience is a pleasurable one. We would never look to any other earthmoving supplier.

“Our operators love the Caterpillar product, from its reliability and performance right through to its technology, operator comfort, breakout force and hydraulic power, the Caterpillar machine and our service from WesTrac can’t be beaten.
“I’m happy to say we haven’t had any real issues with our machines in terms of major breakdowns, but when we have needed smaller issues fixed the WesTrac response has been fast, reliable and efficient to get us back up and running in record time. Our Customer Value Agreements with WesTrac also ensure our machines are serviced and maintained on time by WesTrac and any parts required are all pre-ordered and ready to go. This enables us to focus on our business and delivering projects on time with little to no machine downtime,” Shared Aaron.


The Global Utility Construction team offers a wide and diverse range of communication services including Civil and Underground Services, Fibre Services, and 4G and 5G Wireless Services. On the Electrical Services front the team specialises in transmission projects and with expertise in the latest advanced technology, it spans across Air Insulated Substations and Gas Insulated Substations. They have constructed both AIS and GIS projects up to and including 330kV.
Global Utility Construction regularly complete all facets of transmission projects, including structural works, mechanical works, electrical works and civil works.
Global Utility Construction is an Accredited Service Provider for the three Network Supply Authorities in NSW: Endeavour Energy, Essential Energy and Ausgrid. It’s obvious the team’s skills and expertise has placed them in an excellent position to make the most of the major projects that have been happening in and around the Sydney area.


When chatting with Global Utility Construction sales rep Adam Bunnings, it’s clear he has a lot of respect for Luke, Aaron and the team. Adam shared, “I’ve been with WesTrac for seven years as a Sales Representative for Building and Construction in the Sydney Metro. I have worked with Global Utility for just on five years. Aaron and Luke have purchased nine machines from WesTrac over the five-year period, ranging from mini and micro excavators to a 14-tonne excavator, compact track loader and roller. They have been extremely happy with the performance of their fleet and the entire team are great to deal with.” When asking Adam about the features of the Cat® Next Gen range that stood out, he shared, “The features of the Cat® Next Gen certainly complement the work that Global Utility Construction does. Sometimes they are putting pipelines in on acreage and the stick steer feature makes light work of tracking the long distances and backfilling the trench. The Standard LED Lights also make their night works easier. Aaron’s operators have commented about the layout and design of the cab being a big improvement from the E and E2 series machines they have. Reliability has also been a big part of the excellent pairing of Caterpillar/WesTrac and Global Utility Construction because Aaron’s company used to use another brand machine, which they were having consistent problems with across their fleet. Knowing the Caterpillar machines will go to work, day or night, and get the job done means the team hasn’t looked back since moving over to Caterpillar. This has certainly helped with ensuring projects are completed on time with as little stress as possible.”

Adam continued, “I think the key benefit of the BCP machine is with the Cat® 303.5E. They are small enough to get on their trucks, dig the pits for the horizontal borers to fit in, and are an all-around nice size with good power. The boom configuration is great to dig a square pit and the Next Gen cab has improved blind spots from the pillars in the cab. Aaron is an easy guy to get along with because he’s friendly and approachable. Both Aaron and I work well because we are straight with each other and we know that we aren’t messing about. When Aaron calls for a machine, nine times out of ten he purchases it. He knows that I do the best deal that I can for him, and he knows the quality of the product and what he is getting so he doesn’t try to bargain. It’s this relationship that makes doing business with great people and operators like Aaron an absolute pleasure.”

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