Installation of Intelligent Transport Systems (ITS) Infrastructure

Posted by: Team GUC

August 05, 2020

Intelligent Transport Systems (ITS) is the use of information and communication technologies in transport.

ITS infrastructure projects aim to relive some of the most difficult problems that affect road transport.

  • improve traffic flow by reducing congestion.
  • quickly detect incidents and appropriately respond to them.
  • improve air quality by reducing pollution levels locally and minimising travel delay.
  • improve safety by providing a warning before potential crash situations.
  • minimise the impacts of environmental, highway and human factors that contribute to accidents

GUC harness the right expertise and technology to ensure we can deliver on all ITS infrastructure projects including.

  • Pits and Pipe/Conduits
  • Streetlights
  • Shared Path Lights
  • VMS signs
  • Traffic Signals
  • Camera Systems (Traffic Monitoring)
  • Variable Speed Signs

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