Connecting the Submarine Cable to the Network

Posted by: Team GUC

January 05, 2022

In an update to our submarine cable project, Global Utility Construction deployed fibre haulers and technicians on-site to expose the fibre within the submarine cable and finalise the connection to the Nexthop network.
The process began under the Harbour bridge with crews hauling the cable out of the pit, where our team then had to grind through the two layers of steel armour wire that protects the submarine cable.

We then cut through the outer Polyethylene Sheath, the corrugated steel tape armour and finally the Polyethylene inner sheath to reveal the 720F Prysmian Group fibre.

Our technicians prepped the 720F into a Prysmian Large Multi-function Joint (LMJ) then spliced the individual fibres to complete the connection between Sydney CBD and North Sydney. 

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