Fibre Installations

Posted by: Team GUC

October 20, 2020

Are you a property developer needing fibre installed into your development.

Global Utility Construction specialises in all fibre services. Our customers include data centres, residential and commercial property developers and major telecommunications carriers.

We quite often find that fibre works are handed to constrictors who don’t actually know wat they are doing. As experts we can keep this part of a project on schedule by eliminating time consuming and costly rework.

A customer called out our fibre team to clean up another contractors’ Fibre installation.

The customer had some concerns about the communications rack in their new residential apartment block.

Our Fibre team got to work and improved the rack installation and enable future maintenance and upgrades.

Not to mention the upgraded appearance!

The job involved
– Taking the fibre cables out
– Re-route / re-termination of the fibre cables
– Installing the cable neatly within the communications rack
– Testing and commissioning

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