Global Utility Construction lays Sydney Harbour Tunnel Optical Fibre

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November 11, 2020

Global Utility Construction hauls fibre cable through the Sydney Harbour Tunnel, as part of a privately-owned dark fibre roll out in NSW.

The NSW build marks another key step in Aussie Broadband’s dark fibre network rollout and is expected to be finished early next year. 

Global Utility Construction installed the 720 core optical fibre cable that will link Sydney CBD to North Sydney.

Aussie Broadband’s Managing Director Phillip Britt said the tunnel is a significant part of the build because it will string together the main fibre run.

“We had originally planned to install a cable through the water, like a submarine cable. But there was already an available duct that runs through the tunnel, so we decided to take that route instead,” Phil said.

Aaron Wright, Managing Director at Global Utility Construction, said there was a tight time frame to get the work done due to heavy traffic in the tunnel.

“We had to operate within a strict schedule, with a four-hour window available on specific nights only,” Aaron said. “A total of around 2 kilometres of fibre has been laid so far.

“It runs from near NBN’s Dalley POI or Point of Interconnect through the tunnel and out into North Sydney. The next POI on the north is St Leonards, but that’s 2-3km north of the tunnel exit,” he said.

The new fibre network can offer speeds of up to 10Gbps.

Project included

  • Approximately 2.6KLM of 720 fibre through existing Steel Conduit network
  • Recovery of approximately 2.6klm of existing Cable
  • Cable runs in and out of the Tunnel network, Service Corridors and in the roof space above the harbour tunnel

The project was undertaken during Tunnel Closures by Global Utility Construction and will be completed in 5-hour shifts across approximately 5 nights

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