Night Shift – Building a Communications Network

Posted by: Team GUC

February 10, 2021

Over the course of a month, the civil crews at Global Utility Construction constructed complex portions of a communications network. With Busy traffic conditions in the areas, works had to be completed over several nights shifts.

Our drill team Bored to pull pe110 conduits under one of Sydney’s busiest roads in Strathfield. Great teamwork from everyone ensured we met customer and RMS requirements safely on one of Sydney’s busiest routes.

Crews put together a big night to complete a road crossing over an Ausgrid Transmission line. We had Auzgrid on site, and our traffic control team did a great job keeping everyone safe close to a busy road in suburban Sydney. On top of the difficulties of working at night, our team had the challenge of cutting concrete at a depth of 450mm while managing torrential Rain and a high traffic volume.

Our teams also skilfully managed a detailed trenching project along Bourke Road. Our team meticulous planned and carefully located the existing underground utilities that feed 4 of Sydney’s primary data centres. Skilful machine and hand digging ensured we hit the required depth while not damaging the existing communications network.

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