Traffic Control – Stop Slow works!

Posted by: Team GUC

April 23, 2021

A telecommunications customer contracted Global Utility Construction to deliver civil works alongside a busy road in East Ryde, Sydney. The team supported the civil works that required digging and drilling works over the transmission and HP Gas in the middle of the intersection while maintaining traffic flow. One of our traffic control teams assisted by completed stop/slow works at the main roundabout intersection.

Traffic Control Plan (TCP)

Our traffic team complete a comprehensive risk assessment before mobilisation. Looking for hazards such as road speed, vehicle volume, pedestrians, stop slow length and potential for traffic build-up. With our Road Occupancy Licences (ROL) in hand, our team collaborates with the local council and the traffic management Centre. Detailed planning and communication ensure that we complete traffic control works in the allotted timeframe, with minimal disruptions.

Our expert leading hands manage site set up, completing regular site checks to ensure warning is given for approaching motorists whilst monitoring traffic queues, so our civil and drill crews can complete their works safely.

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