Wireless Communication Installation

Posted by: Team GUC

August 30, 2021

Global Utility Construction completed a wireless communication small cell installation on behalf of our client APD Engineering. The installation aims to increase and improve mobile phone reception through Sydney’s outskirts.

The installation included;

  • Installation of underground pits and conduit to provide a communications route from the existing network/exchange to the Cell location.
  • Hauling and splicing of fibre cabling from the existing network to the Cell.
  • Construction of the Small Cell components within the enclosure and installation of the Cell and Antennas up the Utility pole.
  • Connection of the Cell to the Power Network via a Special Small Service connection.
  • Installation of required cabinets, equipment and patching at the nearby communications exchange.
  • Completion of required testing and integration of the Cell, bringing it online and operational.

Communications Services

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Out on site – Wireless Communications Installation

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