Mt Sugarloaf – Optus

Posted by: Team GUC

August 25, 2020

GUC where engaged by Optus to construct new infrastructure at Mt Sugarloaf.

This project had many constraints from the design phase through to delivery. The major constraint on this project was the fact it was based in Mt sugarloaf national park.

Sections of the mountain required in depth planning for the HDD components. The length of the bore was 650m with an elevation of 85m from top to bottom. Other key constraints included negotiating access for our HDD through privately owned land. Navigating the terrain was also a factor in delivering this project.

GUC managed to mitigate all the environmental aspects of the project. Rehabilitating the landowner’s property upon completion of the project was a key success.

The project consisted of the following.

•          2 Kilometres of new Pit & Pipe Infrastructure 

•          8 New pit’s all sika P8 & P10

•          4 New joint locations along with testing

•          Installation of 4000 metres of 312 fibre

•          Rehabilitation works

•          HDD length 650m with an 85m elevation

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